January 5 full moon astrology

With a new moon in Capricorn this month, astrology guru Chani Nicholas lays Means for Your Health, Relationships, and Career in January.
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Share your view of the world and you will have others listening. Far away places are calling, so if you are asked to travel, this is the time.

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After January 19, re-examine your dreams and goals as they have grown bigger. Be careful in the romantic department as issues could arise. Thinking of moving, now is the time. January will see you contemplating your spiritual side and you might just become engrossed. Romance is highlighted with someone that is not your normal type.

Personal transformations, career, public image all seem to be highlighted this month. You could be in the spotlight, which is right where you belong. Gemini: January will see you listening rather than talking. The Universal energy is making you look inward. Right now you desire profoundly deep conversations and intense communication. Also your spiritual awareness is keen, as you expand your personal vision of the Universe. Travel, a different lifestyle and culture from yours is appealing.

You seek genuine connections and superficiality will not do. A new love could enter your life at this time. Someone may challenge you and you will need that extra energy to begin a new diet or health regimen. Exercise helps relieve the stress and anxiety. Leo : Hello Kitties time to improve your health. Watch the tendency to overindulge in food and drink. The holidays are over!. A passionate romance could see you purring. The energy of the new moon will help you increase productivity at work.

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Virgo: January sees you not ready to settle down. Your sleeping habits are disturbed by all the cosmic energies stirring. Why not use that energy to spring clean, both your home and your mind. Creative projects begun mid month will take off. If you feel your inner child wanting to be set free, do not deny them as they will have their way!

Also watch your health! Time to redecorate your home, as you feel a change coming on. Family projects see fruition and romance beckons mid- month. Time to focus on your public life, career, and reputation. Follow your intuition, and listen to your heart. Stop viewing yourself through the eyes of others.

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So busy that you might just have to take a breather. The emotional security you gain within will inspire more connections to form.

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Pay attention to the extra psychic signs that arise. Exercise compassion. Taurus : A romance could turn quite serious.

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You may find yourself committing to some new excitement within your relationship or partnership. There is a promise being offered that only needs to be accepted this month. Release some of your old standards and principles and be de-stressed. Gemini : Beware of any legal dealings. Seek some counsel.

1. Clear your energy

Take the appropriate amount of time to recoup and gather your wits. Going off somewhere in solitude could prove to be beneficial. Make sure any shared resources or investments are in check. A support group is nearby. Cancer : Peace in your environment and finances is present. An abundant supply of ideas or goods is manifesting. It looks positive for you to take on a new project, responsibility or adventure.

Use the knowledge you have to create something beautiful and share it.


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Leo : To better build your business and legacy you are being encouraged to have an adventure. New experiences will ignite your inspiration and give you needed perspective. Be more flexible with yourself this month. There is magic in going with the flow. Formation is happening. Virgo : You may feel at a loss with something this month, but you are being guided to peacefully let go.

What awaits you on the other side will be excitedly transformative. Decluttering something or a relationship will feel liberating. Libra : Your strength of character is being initiated with a new project or adventure. A good-hearted someone is giving you the attention you need this month.

Infinite possibilities are showing up, and you must make a decision.