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Having a Virgo as your husband means you will have a hardworking life partner. Though he would persistently pursue his career ambition, he always makes time for his loved ones. As a spouse, Virgo man can be described as an old-fashioned lover. He hates PDA and can come off as emotionally cold. On the good side, once he made a promise, he would rarely break it. Like, picking you up from work on time or fixing your hairdryer when you need it, instead of with flowers or poetry.

Libra husbands are diplomatic, level-headed, and like to keep the peace around him. Venus-ruled Libras are also notoriously romantic, they love to shower their partner with sweet surprises and expensive gifts in order to make them swoon! If you have a husband born under this star sign, you would know how he is thoroughly attentive but also tend to be indecisive and have trouble making long-term commitments. Just like their scale symbol, they need to weigh down every pros and cons before making a decision because they want to avoid mistakes or regrets. But behind his somewhat enigmatic presence, a Scorpio guy is actually a passionate and loyal lover.

When they hurt, they also tend to say extremely harsh things as a defense mechanism. So, you would have to be patient, understanding and treat them with care. It takes time to make him trust you enough and be more open about the depth of his thoughts and feelings. When it happens, you can start to see how intensely romantic he is as a partner. A Scorpio husband would most likely be fully committed to his vow to share his life with you, as they also have an all-or-nothing kind of attitude towards a relationship.

Married life with a Sagittarius husband would be an adventurous journey filled with surprises. He is impulsive and love to live in the moment, which make him such a fun partner. But as his spouse, you should be aware of the danger and risks of living such a spontaneous life, you might also need to have a well-prepared plan for the long-term.

When faced with problems, a Sag husband can remain optimistic, positive, and uplifting. As an extremely independent individual, this star sign hates to be controlled or pinned down by rules. He would really appreciate a partner who gives him a freedom to do his own thing instead of being needy or clingy to him all the time.

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A harmonious and stable home life is truly important for a Capricorn husband. To achieve that, he would make his priorities around his loved one, making sure everyone is happy and content. He takes his role as a head of the family very seriously, with great sense of responsibility and goal-driven attitude. You will get yourself a protective and reliable husband if you pick to marry a Capricorn, but he also tends to be discipline and strict about house rules.

Sometimes, he would also need a bit of encouragement from his partner when he got stuck on his way to success. Your fundamental connection to Earth makes you more active and a more likely self-starter than the other earth zodiac signs. You much rather be pursuing a realistic goal than wasting time in the realms of fantasy. At times, you may be cautious to a fault, but as long as you embrace your earthly prudence you will continue on a path to success.

Your unique combination of planetary influence makes you more creative and social than the other Capricorn Decans.

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