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Gemini horoscope foretells that sometimes your life may prove to be difficult , but it's nothing that you Geminis are born between May 22nd and June 21st.
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Birthday Horoscope February 6th Birthday Horoscope February 6th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on February 6th. Comments: February Horoscope Pisces. Edward Feb. I am also a twin. My brother and I are very much alike but completely opposite at the same time. I've had good times and suffered really bad times but have always focused on my career.

Began to upholster at 18 I'm 51 now and I'm a master craftsman. Upholstery is badass. I recommend you try it. You won't feel like it's a job. You will actually enjoy it but the best part is you will even get paid for having fun.

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And Well. Never give up or stray away from upholstering. It will reward you I promise. You never know where it will lead you. I recently was contacted by Louis Vuitton.

They want to hire me for the new USA Manufacturing plant. If I can get my dream job so can you. Just stay focused.


No drugs,no getting wasted , no wom Cant help loving them all. Kim I am too born under this sign and life has not always been that great to me. But I always find a way to bounce back up from the fall. I don't care what date your birthday falls on we all are humans who deal with shit in this life time.

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Non of us are perfect and we have things to work on with ourselves each day. Birthdates don't define you or your personality.

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You yourself define yourself. I know someone who was born on the same days as myself and we are completely opposite from one another. Live each day to your fullest potential, learn from your mistakes and never take yourself for granted because you are your greatest asset. You can be a Leo and still have a hard life good day people.

Oliver sanga And studying mechanical engineer. All these im saying is because of my birht name,i have good thought and believe that one day im gonna be some one to be known? This thought give me strength and lead me to my way. Filthy Rich I was born 27th Feb, , I invented a new chicken plucker, a rubber finger that automatically plucks the feathers off chickens. Every chicken you eat has been plucked by my finger. So I say to all you losers, get off your arse and invent a better chicken plucker than mine and you too will be filthy rich.

If I can do it so can you, oh I forgot to mention! I'm blind. Meheli I was born on 27th Feb Health conditions absolutely match according to the analysis. But come on! Not impatient!!! We all make a change for the better because no one can do it for u but yourself you are the master of your destiney so do the right thing Each and everyone oBf us are born with different personalities and you can choose how want to be accepted in this world.

I helped my husband and we are married for 33yrs. Orabell Does If anybody needs to know more about me, let such copy and read this. Very true about me. Was born on this day Me OK.. My b'day is also on 27th Feb. But I am actually a practical strict person. Not sympathetic but yes empathetic Nick I was born on this day my life is a blessing.

You're all dead soul victims, quit complaining about your life- you created it. Birthdates have nothing to do with your happiness and your ability to create. We are all creators. Creators cannot be victims, victims cannot be creators. Which are you? Life has always been hard for me. It's like everything just lined up to screw me over. But I was patient even though it sucked and was really hard and now I'm into my second year with my partner, he's lovely and everything he brings into my life makes all of the past insignificant in comparison.

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It does get better people! Hang in there!


May 21: Gemini

Maneet seems quite true about me I'm impatient Prashant I feel the same. Delphine I am perfectly fine with my life,born on 27feb. I am Blessed with the best. I am a Lady. Maz We all celebrated a birthday a few days ago so Happy Birthday to you all. The strengths and weakness part where it says - The primary personality weakness for those born on February 27th is your likelihood to be every now and then oversensitive in your handling of certain situations that may upset you. This is right on the money nd totally screwed me with the family of my deceased partner. I was born Feb 27 and I am great.

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Did deep in to your inner strength and make yourself ok. Get off the pity pot. John H This day The reading rings pretty true and hopefully you are all ok. I am, very happy with an incandescent Saggie girl who lit up my soul 20 years ago. I have always been a one person person as we all may be, and hope you find yours. Still drink like a fish though, as does she!! Annie This is my birthday too. February 27th, ! John H Hello Annie. You should be a lion then, and you probably are without knowing it!

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All the best John. Eugene Well, I'm born at this day. I didn't really believe or into horoscopes stuff. And I still ask "what's wrong with the world", "they or that was just me? Eugene Btw, happy birthday for you all. And for me to. Right now is am in Indonesia.